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I am working on a new layout for the website that hopefully makes it easier to navigate around, but after Sofia was born the time seems to disappear rather quickly!

I made this site to help others who want to know more about the education to become a helicopter pilot and for family and friends so they can see what I am doing away from Denmark.

I have tried to describe every single aspect I have been through on my way from a pilot wannabe to be flying offshore every day for a living.

If you have any questions or suggestions to the site donít hesitate to send me an email or write in my guestbook.

Since my knowledge of html is some what limited I have not been able to work out how to show the "under menu's" to the main menu's on the left of this site. So I am afraid you will have to look in the menu's yourself to see the "under menu's". Some of the popular pages on the website are: Budget for living in FL, Budget for my Flight Training, Flight Training, Pictures and Who is where.

Not all the sites are up and running yet - but I am working on it when I have some time left over...

Enjoy, Bertha


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Thanks for your comments, Bertha


Bertha Dankert Friis
Email: bertha"at"pilots"dot"dk
Skype: berthafriis

Just got back after my first flight in the EC155B1
Just finished my 1st flight in the EC155B1

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Soon pictures from our wedding...

10 Jan 09 First pictures of our daughter Sofia
31 Dec 08
Sofia is born
09 Sep 08
 Logbook updated
28 Apr 08
Me race Driving in England


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